Policy & Procedure

S.No. Title Download | Link
1 Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) as amended on 25.04.2016 Download(0.28 MB)pdf
2 Indian Naval Indigenisation Plan(INIP) 2015-2030. Download(2.80 MB)pdf
3 Competent Authority for disposal of requests by vendors for allowing period of discharge as per para 5.2 of the Offset Guidelines_OM dated 15.9.2016 Download(0.48 MB)pdf
4 Defence Production Policy - 2011 Download(0.25 MB)pdf
5 Defence Procurement Procedure Details
6 Policy Issue: Categorization of Revised Defence Products List into Category A,B & C from Security Angle Download(3.79 MB)pdf
7 Requirement of Industrial Licence for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) activities Download(0.43 MB)pdf
8 Security Manual for Licensed Defence Industries in Private Sector Download(1.00 MB)pdf